Sunday Club                   

Sunday Club is from 2.00-3.00 pm each Sunday at the Church. It is a great way for children and young people to learn how to grow up in a Christian way. It gives them a background understanding of the Bible, and the Christian faith.

We teach the children and young people a bible story each week alongside singing, quizzes, games and crafts which help to support and reiterate the bible teaching. Juice and biscuits are also given during the afternoon. We do have a church minibus available to collect children, at no charge, from nearby homes if this is required. 

Please note: Thornhill Baptist Church has a robust Child Protection Policy and all its teachers and minibus drivers have the required DBS checks.


Come along every Sunday
2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Ages: 3 - Teenage

  Below, are a few reasons why Sunday club is important A great video for kids to watch

1. Learn About God

When your children attend Sunday club, they will find the age-appropriate Bible teaching their young minds are so eager to absorb. Their teachers can shape the lessons to meet the comprehension level and interest of any age. We incorporate fun activities, like crafts and baking into the lesson so your children will be able to remember them.

2. Find Mentors

Parenting is tough, but when you have Sunday club teachers working to mentor your children, they can provide another source of guidance. The church is a community where everyone helps each other. When you take your children to Sunday club, you can rest assured you have qualified help with their spiritual education.

3. Make Friends

If you want your children to make more friends, Sunday club is a great place to find them. As they learn and play together on Sunday afternoons, they will be able to form healthy friendships with each other.

4. Form Good Life Skills

The knowledge they gain in Sunday Club will help them form good life skills and benefit them later in adult life remembering what God says about how we should live and treat each other.

5. Have Fun

With talented teachers, great activities, and friends they enjoy, your children will love going to Sunday club every week. This is a great way to show your children learning about God can be really cool.